Dovetail History

Dovetail has been providing marketing database solutions since 1997. Our roots in the database marketing industry go back even further, dating back to Denver in the mid-1980s through National Demographics and Lifestyles (NDL), one of the first organizations to provide companies with consumer demographic and lifestyle data.

In 1997, Paul Vannett and Jeff Barela founded Dovetail. As Dovetail’s owners, they have grown the company for over 15 years, staying true to its founding principles and core competencies. Both continue to work in the business on a full-time basis. Over the years, Dovetail has carefully selected our staff, many of whom have now been with Dovetail longer than a decade and serve in senior, core roles for providing our marketing database solutions.

We believe our tagline says it all—The Marketing Database Company. It’s simple and accurate—it’s who we are. We specialize in and precisely focus on marketing database solutions. We are a nimble, client-focused company, striving for marketing database solution excellence with every client whom we are privileged to serve.

Dovetail Values

Over time, we have distilled our Dovetail values down to five core operating principles. For Dovetail, this was neither a theoretical exercise nor something we did on a whim. Rather, we deliberately considered our business, what drives it, who we are, and what we want to accomplish. Consequently, we cling to the following values in how we conduct ourselves and our business each day.


We are committed to providing the best service to our clients, always striving to do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it.


Relationships are core to our business success, both with our clients and with one another. We believe that being good to one another is a critical precept for any successful endeavor.


We care deeply about our work and making our clients successful, which leads to organizational success for the common good of all Dovetail stakeholders. Passion drives us to excel in all that we do.


Our clients gain from ever-improving efficiency and productivity, both in terms of cost savings and optimizing the effectiveness of their marketing database solution.


Conducting ourselves with honesty, the highest level of ethics, and integrity is not only critical to our success, but defines who we are as individuals and as a company.

Dovetail is a unique marketing database company. As a precisely focused, highly specialized marketing database solution provider, we want every client who entrusts us to know that hiring Dovetail is the best database marketing decision they ever made.

Learn more about who we are by downloading Dovetail’s “Only a Marketing Database is a Marketing Database” or check out the Dovetail Overview.

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